Individual support

We provide individual support to people so that they can enjoy activities of their choice. This might be keeping in touch with friends, attending a class, going shopping – it’s all about people living their lives as they choose. Some people have personal care needs and we are now CQC registered so able to offer this service where needed. All people who receive our services become members of People Matters and may join our groups or courses. This is a great way to meet other people and try new things. There are lots to choose from such as arts and crafts, sports, music, employment and relationships. We are always developing new groups based on people’s interests.

Most important is that we emphasise being person centred and innovate, impact is key. We conduct regular reviews with everyone who uses this service to enable people to develop and deal with complexity. More information is on our Individual Support briefing for partners . Our members mainly have learning disabilities but we also work with people who are autistic and people with mental health needs.

Our experience spans working with adults and young people as they approach the transition into adulthood. Want to make a referral/ request for our services? Start by downloading and completing the Referral for Outreach Services – Adults (2014) form We are happy to discuss how we can provide support to people receiving Direct Payments or Personal Budgets.

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