Compliments and complaints

People Matters is committed to developing good quality work and to promoting excellent and appropriate relationships between everyone involved in the organisation on every level. If, for any reason, anyone is not satisfied with the service they receive or the action or attitude of anyone connected with the organisation, we would like to hear about it so that we can take steps to put things right. If you have a problem we would ask you to try and resolve it informally first if possible before you use the complaints procedure. Your problem could be a misunderstanding. If you think it is a serious problem then you should use this procedure straight away.

Stage 1

Take your complaint to the line manager of the person concerned. For example: • If the complaint is about a group member or volunteer, this will be the support worker or group leader. • If the complaint is about a support worker or group leader, this will be the manager for the service. • If the complaint is about a service manager, this will be the Director of Operations. • If the complaint is about a member of the senior management team, this will be the Chief Executive Officer If the complaint is about the Chief Executive or about any policy or practice of the organisation, this will be the trustees of the charity For details of who to contact and how, please ring the People Matters office Tel: 0113 2346896


What happens if I complain?

In all cases, an initial response will be made within 7 working days. It might take longer to make a decision depending upon who is involved. Some people may only work part time. The person responsible for dealing with your complaint will ask you to supply all the information you can about what has happened. There is a form to do this on and if you need help to complete it they will help you do this. They will then look at what has happened. They may look at things that have been written down about what should have happened. They may talk to other people who were there or involved in some other way. You can suggest people they could talk with about your concern if you would like but they may decide that it is important to contact others instead or as well. When they have finished they will make a decision and get in touch with you to tell you what the result is. They might say that you were right to get in touch and tell you what is going to be done next. They might say sorry or thank you They might say explain why something was done in the way it was. They might say that we are going to make a change in the future.


Stage 2

If you feel that you are not satisfied by the handling of the complaint, you can say so. You should say this in writing and send it to either the Chief Executive of People Matters or to the trustees of People Matters. Your appeal will be investigated by the Chief Executive of People Matters or by the trustees. You will be kept informed of what is happening and what is going to happen to resolve the situation. Appeals mostly look at whether complaints have been investigated properly and if the decision made is reasonable. They might involve interviewing extra people do not re do a whole investigation.

You might like to know how we work to make sure the service you get is of good quality. We are CQC registered and use the Leeds City Council Quality Standards Assessment from Adult Social Services to help make sure we are doing what is expected. We were recently inspected in October 2018 and achieved Good. Please see our CQC report here:

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