Employment Services

Are you interested in developing your employment skills to work in a paid or volunteering role? People Matters offer a range of Employment services that have been developed to meet your individual needs and aspirations. You will be supported by a job coach from enquiry including a meeting with a job coach to discuss your individual experiences with employment which will help decide which entry of the employment programme you will join.

Employment Workshop (Mondays) – Job coaches will support you to develop your CV, cover letters, application form skills, interview techniques, workplace knowledge, confidence and resilience and anything else you need to help prepare you for work.

Employment Search (Tuesdays) – Job coaches will support you with applying for jobs, attending interviews, finding work placements and accessing employment opportunities.

Nourishing People (Wed, Thurs & Fri) – Become a trainee with our micro social enterprise, Nourishing People, where you can gain practical work experience in a workplace that allows trainees to develop transferable skills and prepare for work. Trainees are supported by a qualified job coach. You can read more about Nourishing People here.

In-work Support – People Matters can also offer in-work support through Access to Work funding when you are in work. For more information, please see our Access to Work information.

You will receive regular individual information, advice and guidance from a job coach to identify support needs and aspirations, agree expectations and set a personalised action plan to move you towards employment. As you progress you will be putting together your portfolio, identifying and developing your strengths and explore work placement opportunities all reviewed regularly.

Employment Services Leaflet

If you are interested in joining one of our services and/or want to find out more, please contact us on 0113 234 6896 or email info@peoplemattersleeds.co.uk

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