About Us

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Established in 2002, People Matters (Leeds) CIC is a more-than-profit organisation with a commitment to improving the lives of people who experience disadvantage, especially through learning and other disabilities.   Being a social enterprise enables us to generate a surplus through the sale of goods and services, which is then entirely used to ensure continuity of the activities that are valuable to the people we support. We do not have any shareholders and all our surplus is used to further our work in the Leeds area.

We strive to break down barriers and social misconceptions and work alongside people with learning and other disabilities to achieve their full potential.

We are committed to offering innovative and person centred support to ensure each individual’s needs are met. How we work and the difference we make is really important to us. We have a one page People Matters Impact Report 2015 final and a set of values which we think describes this really well

Our Values


Put you first – we are flexible and inclusive, everything about our people and each other matters to us

Work together – we collaborate to build our teams, communities, friendships and how we engage with you matters to us

Have integrity – you can trust us to be honest, treat you equally, respectfully and with empathy

Are determined to see potential thrive– our commitment means we stay with you and take pride in your successes

Are enterprising – we solve problems, adapt to your needs and take care with your money

People Matters (West Yorkshire) is a charitable incorporated organisation reg no: 1170724