Current opportunities

These roles would suit both people wishing to give something back and/or gain relevant health and social care work experience supporting people with disabilities

We are particularly seeking

  • volunteers to support adults or young people with learning disabilities to meet and socialise in Leeds City Centre on an evening between Tues and Thurs. Volunteer Assistant Group Leader Role description 2019
  • volunteers who have an interest in fundraising
  • volunteer teaching assistants who can work across our community learning provision

Want more details on any of these roles? You are welcome to get in touch with our office on 0113 2346896

Depending upon the role volunteers may need to complete a volunteer application form 2019, be DBS checked and have references taken. You should email completed applications to info@peoplemattersleeds.co.uk.

Volunteering for People Matters is a very rewarding experience. There are lots of opportunities for volunteers both with and without learning or other disabilties to get involved in different groups and activities. Volunteer expenses are paid, there is a volunteers handbook and training is provided. Please feel free to look at the website to see which projects you would like to get involved in.

Details our roles are also available through the Leeds Volunteer Centre

Other opportunities

We sometimes need a new trustee who can offer both commitment to the mission of the organisation and specialist professional skills. These roles would particularly suit an individual who is looking for career development and wants to move into leading an organisation or holds this experience already and wants to offer something back. CVs may be submitted by people interested board positions. There is a trustee role description available which shows the responsibilities of this role.

Limited opportunites are also available to do other types of voluntary work. From marketing to business admin we offer volunteers who are studying/training the chance to get practical experience to build their CV. We are very proud of our link with Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) in Hämeenlinna, Finland and now offer their social work students international placement opportunities

Work Experience Blog from Mila

When I started my placement at People Matters in August, I was new to the UK and I had no idea how much I would experience during these couple months. I came here to learn as much as possible not only about organisational work but also about the UK’s service system. The tasks I have done have supported creating a picture of them: Thank you for all the opportunities to get to know different parts of the work in People Matters and for arranging visits to other services. It has been a great pleasure to be able to see the contrast between them. This has helped me to come to a better understanding of what type of work I would be interested in doing in the future.

I have heard from so many people here that people in Leeds are very welcoming and helpful and after being here I can agree with that 100%. Both the staff and members have taught me a lot and it is amazing how welcome I have felt to every part of the work of People Matters: For example, even though I have been new to every group that I have visited, it hasn’t shown in any way and everyone that I have interviewed has been surprisingly open about their experiences. It feels great that people have felt secure enough to share their stories with me and that the staff has been able to rely on me to do that. My placement has included a lot of interviewing which has been a great way to get to know people and what kind of effect the work of People Matters really has on them. It has also been good practice for maybe the most important project for me in University: Thesis, which at least in our studies consists of research and interviews. I have interviewed both members and staff and it has been a nice chance to get to know a little about the wellbeing of the staff too, because wellbeing at work is one part of our studies.

Life at the office is sometimes very busy and since the Finnish people are known to be quite reserved and shy, it has been a very welcome challenge for me to learn how to gain courage to go and say what I have to say. The tasks and responsibilities I had and the way nobody judged me but helped me with my English got me feeling more and more comfortable speaking it and improve my English skills in general – So a big thanks for that too!

Last but not least, I would like to go back to the values of People Matters from my point of view:
Put you first – People Matters has been flexible and inclusive: I have for example had the chance to partly plan my work and schedules independently. Everyone in People Matters is very understanding and caring.
Work together – I have had the opportunity to collaborate with different teams, communities and most importantly: members.
Have integrity – People Matters has made me feel like being part of the community, because it has been honest with me, treated me equally, respectfully and with empathy.
Are determined to see potential thrive – The placement challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and made me see how I can take on more responsibilities than I thought I could.
Are enterprising – I have felt like if I had any problems, I could turn to anyone and get help.

People Matters (West Yorkshire) is a charitable incorporated organisation reg no: 1170724.

We are registered with CQC ID 1- 3997439113.

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