Our History

People Matters was founded in 2002 by Maureen Bielska and a group of learning disabled people. During 2012 in celebration of being established for ten years we produced a review of our work. Have a look we think you will like what you see. 10 yr review

We have always taken on challenges so we can create opportunities that really make a difference to our members lives

Over the years we have evaluated our Teens and Twenties Project in different ways most recently using graphics and previously a video was made. We thought you might like to see what has been done

During 2017 we made a number of changes which have helped us fantastically. In January we became CQC registered so we could offer our members personal care if they needed this type of service while in February we moved our office so we had much more space. The last change of 2017 was changing into a charity, or charitable incorporated organisation, CIO.

People Matters (West Yorkshire) is a charitable incorporated organisation reg no: 1170724.

We are registered with CQC ID 1- 3997439113.

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