Social Groups

Our social groups bring together young people from 14 year olds and/or adults to make friends and enjoy going out socially, mostly in the city centre and the Kirkstall area. Groups have approx. 10 members, (though the adult group can have up to 20 members), staff and when available volunteers or young volunteers too. They meet on weekday evenings and during the day on a Saturday.

Groups for Young People

Big lotteryActivities are chosen by the group members via a steering group and include going out for meals, bowling, theatre trips, Karaoke, and sports such as swimming. Some groups do activities as challenging as go-carting or climbing! Here is an example programme from one of our teens and twenties groups Wednesday Teens group- May_Jun 16  and Thursday night group Jan Feb 16, so you can see examples of what a couple of groups have been doing recently. More information can be found in our My Teens and Twenties Matter leaflet feb 2016 FINAL leaflet. Teens groups are funded by our grant from the Big Lottery.

We also offer occasional activities and celebratory events from walking groups to our Christmas party and Summer get together.

Key information for professionals can be found in our Opportunities for Young People and Adults Information for Partners leaflet. Information more suited to show potential new members can be found in our get involved section.

Adult leisure

New members are welcome and a free trial session is available by arrangement. When joining all prospective members need to complete an application form, this varies depending upon age and group as funders requirements vary.

We aim to ensure that our members experience a social life in the same way as other people. So….. we don’t use special transport or any other segregated provision, but request that parents or carers ensure that members travel safely to and from the venue. We support our members to become increasingly independent through making choices and developing life skills, including through the transitions phase. Don’t just let us say what we do, try watching these videos with some of our members being out and about

Some of our groups which have previously had Big Lottery funding have been independently evaluated by Sheffield Hallam University. Teens & Twenties Evaluation.  Care outcomes that our groups address include

  • Friendships – reducing isolation
  • Emotional well being
  • Interpretation/consideration of the views of others – e.g improving empathy & turn taking
  • Reduction of challenging behaviours
  • Independence and decision making – making informed and safe choices
  • Safe behaviours in public – from reducing potential abuse from strangers, to road safety
  • Confidence in social situations – ability to speak out, contribute to shared decisions
  • Confidence in managing money – complete transactions & budget in the community
  • Independent Travel – using public transport away from main carers
  • Personal hygiene and appearance – taking ownership
  • Regular respite for parents, carers and siblings
  • Leaving education? – Support the transition into adulthood

We ask that people also visit the People Matters office by arrangement to discuss which group to will best suit their needs, to complete an initial assessment of support needs and to examine the funding method and source that best matches prospective members. Much but not all provision is free to access. We prefer to receive any fees electronically  and offer a tiered system which offers support at the level needed to manage risks and support needs.


People Matters (West Yorkshire) is a charitable incorporated organisation reg no: 1170724.

We are registered with CQC ID 1- 3997439113.


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