Bhup’s Story

My name is Bhups (the 50 Cent) and I joined Art Matters in 2012. I wanted to learn how to

be an artist because I struggled in art at school and haven’t done it since then. I wanted to learn how to use different things like textiles, acrylic, and pastels.  I find it helpful for me to help other people in the group. Even though I have got learning disabilities I have a go at everything in Art Matters.

I wasn’t an artist and now I really feel I am.

I made a picture of Ganesh, my culture is important to me. I was struggling with drawing and my mind was like how I can draw. I was helped with support. Alexa drew one half and I learnt how to draw the other half. The group liked it my picture. I was a bit shocked, and it made me really feel proud.

One of Bhup's pictures

One of Bhup’s pictures

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