Adult Learning

At people matters we really want to make a difference in our members lives.   Our adult learning is chosen so we can help you do this. We have lots of different classes you can choose from. Look at our 2014 poster or if you want to know about everything look at our new prospectus-spring-2017

Prospectus spring 2017 website version

New courses starting in January 2017

Our Active Matters. project is having an end of project event on 30th January 2017.  This project has been all about keeping healthy and having a positive well being. All of our tutors and volunteers are really helpful. The classes are free but you may be asked at some to pay a bit towards materials. We think you will have a great time and learn useful things. Have a look at the newsletter the computer group did last year. For More Information tel: 0113 234 6896 or email:


People Matters (West Yorkshire) is a charitable incorporated organisation reg no: 1170724